THIS IS LONG but worth it…. (I hope you’ll agree and there was such a gap in my blogs, for a reason and I’ll fill in the blanks, just in case anyone does read this… :D, in good time but I want to share this. My Facebook status tonight!

WOW what an evening! They had their Leavers disco tonight at the school and the school were amazed when I bought him a ticket; even his TA (who is amazing with him) told me he wouldn’t cope and he didn’t really want to go but it was important for him so he went along with it. He trusts that this is important and he got to the front door of the school, took one look and said no. he said it was too much pressure. he wanted a lucky bone, but I wasn’t sure what that meant and we don’t have any.. and I didn’t have anything to give him – but I think I should’ve just popped on one of my crystal bracelets because I think he’s just so nervous, so anxious that he can’t think and it all looks scary. and the teachers just looked at me with him, trying to convince him but they had told me that he wouldn’t cope and I didn’t think he would but i wanted him to at least try… and even getting that far was amazing!! we were at the front gate. They didn’t encourage him in.. they just smiled and I said, “I just had to try – he’s missed out on so much that I wanted him to have this” – getting emotional because it’s MASSIVELY SAD. social skills training? Mainstream haven’t the resourses but I was there and I saw the panic and it wasn’t worth it so I told him he didn’t have to do it – but at least he tried.. Off we went.
Outside the gate I reassured him it was okay – all was great because he tried and that is a start.. then out of the blue all of the kids from his class who, earlier today had wanted a photo with Jamie and his Guinea Pig and were asking me where Jamie was going.. what school is he going to? One even said he would miss him.. they all came into view shouting to Jamie – “HEY JAMIE ARE YOU COMING IN?” Jamies not sure now.. so I say – “he’s not too sure guys – it’s dark and crowded and he’s not too sure about it.” They reply not with “oh well, see ya!” but with “Come on Jamie you can come with us!” they look at me and one says, “we’ll look after him!” and I say to Jamie, “oh go on – look they want you there Jamie, go and have fun – it’ll be cool! You’ll see!” trusting me he says, “oh okay!” and off he goes in with his friends he didn’t know he had.. the head teacher came out after they had gone in. He’d gone in!!! I said I’d stay at the pub and if he needed to come out they would bring him out to me… They didn’t! He stayed until the end!! And even though he ended up standing with the teachers – because he’s not sure what to do – the boys kept coming over trying to get him to join in, to dance. But he prefered to stand with the teachers – laughing at the strange dances.. AND HE HAD FUN. I was right! AND I asked a couple of then at the end who made a point to come say goodbye to him after (because they brought him out first) – I asked them if they would come to a little party I’m holding for his birthday.. and they all said yes – they would want to come! one even said SICK… ! lol And Jamie had a great day!! Because I trusted MY instincts and I know it was something to at least TRY… High Fives to Jamie and those lovely boys who are still as much friends as they ever were but they just can’t communicate or understand Jamie… AWESOME!! I really really really hope that they do come – on september the 20th – Jamie’s 12th birthday. I’m beaming!!! NINJA MUM!


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