I agree with Katie Hopkins and need to lie down…

I do actually agree with Katie on this one – and am actually changing my opinion on her (and will take a lie down – in a sec). In my opinion (and I’m well aware some will have a different opinion to me but that’s your business, I’m just sharing mine because it has really helped us). I think telling people that “words hurt” is where we are going wrong – the “anti-bullying” programmes even Jamie’s school planned to use were to tell the “bullies” that words hurt (although I’m pretty sure that’s their intention… because they too are hurt) and to create more of a victim society. I personally teach Jamie that actually what someone says doesn’t have to have any power over you – that you don’t have to let it affect you to the point of feeling anger, hate and pain, at all – it is merely someone’s opinion. I’ve done so for years. I feel the same about trolls – we bite – and that’s what they are there for – to create anger and add extreme, behaviour to a debate – they don’t even believe or mean what they say – they are merely having a laugh and seeing how much they can literally wind someone up. I say we laugh at them. When Jamie had trouble at his old school, with kids telling him he was stupid I told him to respond with this, in a bemused tone; “Well actually… I think you’ll find I’m autistic mate, and a bit of a genius to be honest – but I don’t know how to tap into that just yet. So, thank you for your opinion but I think we’ll have to disagree on that point because I know that I’m NOT stupid… ” OR to simply laugh and walk away… (easier said than done until you practice it). They have NO POWER and are only kids themselves, just scared of something different. Unless the words are of love, understanding, compassion, – don’t even let them in..kids need patience – they are still a work in progress. A mum recently said to me that she had seen Jamie had been having problems with some kids in his school and that she hoped what goes around comes around. I’ve heard this before but now my response was more thoughtful – “I hope not”, I replied, “that sounds rather like a vicious circle to me.” Causes wars in fact! They all just need a bit of patience and guidance in dealing with social code.. and because they’ve been conditioned (by mainstream) that strangers are bad… no wonder they are all freaking out in a school filled with strangers… not to mention puberty setting all their hormones wacky… šŸ’“ take what works for you and leave the rest behind.


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