Reading My Poems

So recently I took a course run by the fabulous SUNDOWN ARTS in Southend, on Performance Poetry. I absolutely loved it! I think the year or so I have been doing stand-up comedy has really helped give me the confidence to get up on stage and perform. It was the suggestion of my partner, Chris, to start adding in my humorous verses into my comedy routine, but I do think they deserve a place of their own. So I’m starting another journey. I really enjoy sharing my poems. And I love that people get to hear them how I want them to be heard in this way.

I am rehearsing for an open mic spot I have next week and so have been recording myself so that I can learn them, work on the actual performance of the poem etc. It’s very different though. I find myself far more self conscious than I would be on stage in front of an audience. It is a great way to learn and improve though.

This one is not one that I’ll be performing BUT I do want to share. It’s by no means how it will end up. When I performed it at the workshop it was far better but this is a recording – you get the general idea, but, like I said, it’s much better live.  This poem came about when someone saw me and Jamie out and about while he was having a meltdown. I give you Autism Mum:


Nobody Is Perfect

Nobody is perfect.

People are made up of choices,

choices based on experience, pavements full of heartache,

but also love and laughter.

Of illness, addiction, abuse, maybe.

The people who overcome or even live with, such burdens,

large or small, find themselves stronger, deeper, and changed.

They find that this was the path that they had to go down;

to become the person they were always meant to be.

For it was just their route to becoming the best version of themselves..

and they keep going,

through more and more – head held high knowing that everything is as it should be…

That there IS a reason for this.

 It’s just part of the journey they must travel.

 To be the best that they can be.

By Tracy Shave – copyright 2013 – please do not copy my work..

If I Were 5 Again…

Okay so for my Tuesday Schmoozeday show at I started the journal page for our journal swap (you are given two prompts to choose from and one swap partner, you create your page and send it off and by the end of it we will be binding a journal of other peoples pages – it’s the sign up deadline for this today so go over to then go to the “groups and Classes” section and find “swaps and exchanges for more details”. Our swaps are done through so you will need an account with them also BUT it is ALL free – both are so come and join us).
I set the prompts this month as “If I were 5 again” OR “This year I will” and I’m also going to do these in my own journal for myself.

I started my page again after my live show – it wasn’t really working for me during the live recording so I started again. I wasn’t really sure where I would fit the poem I had written but I like the way it has turned out – now the hard part…. putting it in an envelope and sending it away. 😀


If I were 5 Again

If I were 5, I’d play in the mud,

I’d climb all the trees and fall with a thud,

I’d make lots of mess as I play with my Art,

I’d say “pull my finger” then let out a fart.

If I were 5 again, I’d have lots of fun,

I’d smile more for photos and play in the sun.

I’d laugh more, smile more; be A CHILD!

I’d run around screaming pretending I’m wild.

I’d know its not my fault, that I AM good enough.

That I’m more like a boy and like to play rough.

And I may be older and had years to wait,

But nothings stopping me now, being 5 at 38!

By Tracy Shave

What would you do if you were 5 again?

UBC Day 4 – National Poetry Day – Snail-Mail Lovers…

As today is National Poetry Day I decided to write a poem to go with this picture – it’s from a postcard I made for a swap on SWAP-Bot.

Snail-Mail Lovers

Send it in an envelope;

go on get a stamp,

Write a letter, out by hand,

and just ignore the cramp.

I take mine to the post office,

it brightens up my day.

I like to chat to workers there,

and then I’m on my way.

Some people get quite angry,

at postage costs and scoff,

But if you gave me 50p (and asked me to deliver something to the other side of the country)

I’d tell them to………………well I know what I’d say!



You’re an arsehole, and I hate you so,

you make me feel crazy, so f**k off and GO!

You make me ugly, you make me paranoid,

you make me doubt everything, so every thing i avoid.

 You make me so lonely, you make me a mess.

You hate me too, so stop causing me stress!!


You are an arsehole, so leave and don’t come back,

but i know that you’ll leave; then return with a whack.

 You’ve made me your slave, you’ve trampled me down.

I’ve no self esteem left, and all I do is frown.




and I’ve found a cure that’ll set me free,

So I’ll walk away, I won’t look back,

and I’ll be the one dishing out that whack!

I’ll kick you and bury you into the ground,

and you’ll stay there silent, not making a sound.

I can get on, get my life back.

I’ll pick myself up and get back on track.

 I’ll hand myself in,

Oh I’ll give a confession,

Good riddence to you Arsehole,

you’ve been my LAST DEPRESSION!!!



I’m searching in the cupboards,

But there’s no food to find,

I want to sit and stuff my face,

As I sit here and unwind.

I’m searching in the cupboards,

But there’s not a lot in there,

I want to find me something nice,

but all I do is stand and stare.


There is some food but it’s not for me,

It’s looking far too healthy.

There’s something strange this thing called fruit,

And it’s tinned cos I’m not wealthy.


I’m searching in the cupboards,

But there’s no food to find,

If someone doesn’t get me some fking chocolate cake soon I will start to foam in the mouth,  I’ll probably smash some plates then sit in a heap in the corner like a spoilt child who didn’t get the prize at the birthday party…

And I will be less than kind!!!!!!

My son has Autism

Please don’t shout at my son,

It’ll only hurt his ears.

Make sure you watch what you say,

words stay with him for years.

He’s NOT the same as that other kid,

the one with Autism you know,

Because he’s an individual,

and at his own pace, he’ll grow.


He’s not being naughty or just plain mean,

and its not that he can’t do it or just not kean,

there are reasons behind all the ways that he acts,

so don’t judge my son, til you know ALL the facts!