Let’s Get Organised!

Well it’s been a rather long time since I blogged – apologies/lucky you depending on how much you like receiving rambles from me!

Unfortunately I’ve been a bit unwell of late, have been in hospital and it’s all resulting in me having a full hysterectomy. Yeah, quite a big deal but I’m assured by dozens of women that it will be the best thing I’ve ever done. I was due to go in on Monday the 9th but this has had to be rescheduled to October now and so I’ve decided to spend this extra time getting organised!

While I can, I thought it best to get straight to work organising my studio.  It is such a mess!!


I’ve not been in there for a while (as it’s been the 6 weeks school holidays) but when I went in there the other day it looked like the mess fairies have been having a whale of a time! They particularly went mad on the glitter, ribbon, glue. I stood with my hands on hips so they would see my disapproving stance and see I mean business this time!

So for this week (and perhaps for the whole month) I am trying to finally get my studio into a state where I can actually create in there again! It’s harder than I thought it would be. It already looks so much worse BUT I know it will be worth it in the end and while I’m recovering I’d like to be able to sit and paint in a calm, environment.

The next challenge will be to maintain it – and to be able to do that “stuff” needs a home. I’m taking photographs throughout this process and will share when it’s all done. Hopefully with some amazing space saving solutions that I’m sure will come to me… some day soon…. 🙂

How many times have you thought of an art project, remembered buying just what you needed but now have no idea where it is, and just buy more??


How To Use “Altered Text” in a Journal Page – (or at least how I did it)

Starting... with somebody else's words..

Starting… with somebody else’s words..

Editing videos always seems like such a mammoth task to me, because it’s something I’ve not really done before. I’ve been putting it off and have video footage sitting waiting, but something else always come up.

Well I decided to just go for it and give it a go. I started with the video introducing the Guinea Pigs and then went straight into this one. I LOVED IT!! It’s just like creating another piece of artwork as you play with it, piece it together and mould it just how you like it. I even contacted Trace Bundy and asked if I could use his music in my videos. I didn’t even think he would reply but because this is what I listen to when I paint – I thought it would be nice for you to hear that too. He did reply – and said yes!! I’m off to see him in September LIVE! Can’t wait.

So… getting off the point really (no change there then – oh shiny thing!) here is my first edited art video. I wanted to show you how to use “Altered Text” in a journal page.. Just in case you don’t know “Altered Text” is where you use either a magazine page, page from a book, photocopy of a page etc… and you then find your own statement within that sheet of paper among the words… instead of you cutting out words and sticking them on in the order and sentiment you want – you have to search and let the page speak to you…

I really hope you enjoy it – and that it inspires you to give it a go! Also let me know what you think.. it’s always good to get some feedback – even if it is just a “HIYA!!!!” – otherwise it’s a bit of a lonely place, (and people think I’m strange when I leave the house because I’ve not had any adult interaction for a while… very strange!) 😀 This page was actually started late at night – then I left it and went to bed. I then had one of those days – one where I think I experience every single emotion all before 12pm. Joy, pride, excitement, sorrow, understanding, empathy, deep sadness, anger, rage then peace. It was a very busy morning. I felt overwhelmed and thought I was going to spiral into despair at the overload… so I picked up my journal and just did. This is the result.  I wasn’t thinking of the art.. just getting out of my own head.

There will be plenty more where this came from! Take care!

Hearts, hugs and giggles..

Art Journalling Playtime

Oh my word! I have just had so much fun getting messy with paint and glue today!
I have messy hands, and glue to peel off! (it’s one of those things you never grow out of, FUN! Yay!)
I worked on a couple of pages today – and recorded the process – (I’ll be editing these over the weekend – I may have to fight for the computer from my son but a fight will be had if need be – I want to COMPLETE the videos I already have waiting to be edited).

Art journalling is so much fun and gives you freedom to just play with paint, get your fingers messy and, for me anyway, is a kind of meditation. I’m starting to get the hang of the pages being less about art and more about the process. Some pages will be more about the writing, and some will be more about creating art whereas sometimes I just want to fill some pages with scribbles and it’s my book – so I can… NER!

I’ve completed two pages today – both quite different from each other.

I’ve seen people talk about their “one word for the year” and decided it was about time I thought about mine. One word to live by this year. Chaos did come to mind immediately but that’s not really something to aspire to. I thought about the things I think about at the end of the year and that lightbulb appeared over my head! COMPLETE is my word for 2013. I want to feel complete, complete projects, complete artwork, complete videos, complete (okay well at least start) work for a book… I came to this conclusion WHILE I was working on this page. The theme choices for our journal swap this month were “If I were 5 again” and also “This year I will”. I did the 5 one for my swap partner and chose the latter for my own journal:
I also saw a post-it note on the following page that read “Depression”. When I started this journal I wrote different words I wanted to do pages on and just stuck them to pages, although I’ve not really stuck to them. I did want to do something for depression but didn’t want to stay there too long as I don’t want to pull myself there to I did this page which didn’t take me very long. It’s there but I didn’t immerse myself in it so I got in and out as fast as possible (bit like the crystal maze).

I’m sure I’ll do some more over the weekend – whether I film the process or not I don’t know!

What is your ONE WORD for 2013?

Art Journalling – When is a page complete?

Unlike my written journals, with each entry starting “Wow, has it been that long since my last entry? Doesn’t time fly.. blah blah” and ending “Until next time! T x”, art journal pages have a far less confined beginning and end. A page has a journey as unique as the journey we are recording and this is ONE of the things I love about them.

I am a journal addict. I love notebooks and so end up buying them, making them – very rarely actually filling one but I’m sure I am not alone in this little fetish! I did actually finish a whole notebook last month full of my comedy writing! Yay! So proud! Stand up comedy requires so much writing. Pages and pages and pages of wonderfully therapeutic writing to then mould into something that will hopefully make people laugh and if that fails at least my notebooks get filled. My ambition is complete. I have completed many a journal – eventually over many years, but with blogs, sketchbooks, art journals and life, I’ve ground to a halt with my written journal (I think the posh silky, large, hardback style book had something to do with this too – hardly the sort of thing you can pop in your handbag or take out in Starbucks – although I have… ).

I have a book for doodles, notes, sketches, anything really – in a handy A6 book that fits nicely in my bag. I’ve already filled one of these – it became the birthplace of my illustration and art journal style of expression. I also have a hardback sketchbook, and some small blank books I made myself – each for something specific with fewer pages.

I also recently altered a Moleskine sketchbook. This is my actual art journal full of luscious layers, lettering, glitter (got to have some glitter!) and drawing.  I started playing with backgrounds, preparing a number of pages with little idea of what I’d do with each. I wanted to have some prepared so that I could then add to them without the need for paints, glue etc. So much fun!! I absolutely loved making a mess on the pages, creating different looks, playing with paper, colour and texture (with a temporary bout of obsessive  marbling..if it was in arms reach it got covered!).

I started completing the pages within, thinking they were finished. WRONG! There was still more to be done! You will know when a page is complete, and at the end of the day there are no mistakes or rules to art journals. Not really.

This week, while suffering with a very “Man Flu” strain of cold, with tissue twisted up each nostril to stop it running all over the place, I got bored and wanted to work on my book. I’ve found that with writing, art and anything really – a bit of space can change perspective and allow us to see things differently. So I added to a few pages I thought were finished and completed a page I had prepared in the studio but hadn’t had the time to work on:  Here are three of the pages I’ve worked on – the silver lining of being ill with flu. It’s a real shame the twisted tissue up nostril look isn’t more acceptable in society really. Achew! Achew! Achew! Achew! – sorry, bless me…. time for Lemsip!

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