How To Use “Altered Text” in a Journal Page – (or at least how I did it)

Starting... with somebody else's words..

Starting… with somebody else’s words..

Editing videos always seems like such a mammoth task to me, because it’s something I’ve not really done before. I’ve been putting it off and have video footage sitting waiting, but something else always come up.

Well I decided to just go for it and give it a go. I started with the video introducing the Guinea Pigs and then went straight into this one. I LOVED IT!! It’s just like creating another piece of artwork as you play with it, piece it together and mould it just how you like it. I even contacted Trace Bundy and asked if I could use his music in my videos. I didn’t even think he would reply but because this is what I listen to when I paint – I thought it would be nice for you to hear that too. He did reply – and said yes!! I’m off to see him in September LIVE! Can’t wait.

So… getting off the point really (no change there then – oh shiny thing!) here is my first edited art video. I wanted to show you how to use “Altered Text” in a journal page.. Just in case you don’t know “Altered Text” is where you use either a magazine page, page from a book, photocopy of a page etc… and you then find your own statement within that sheet of paper among the words… instead of you cutting out words and sticking them on in the order and sentiment you want – you have to search and let the page speak to you…

I really hope you enjoy it – and that it inspires you to give it a go! Also let me know what you think.. it’s always good to get some feedback – even if it is just a “HIYA!!!!” – otherwise it’s a bit of a lonely place, (and people think I’m strange when I leave the house because I’ve not had any adult interaction for a while… very strange!) ūüėÄ This page was actually started late at night – then I left it and went to bed. I then had one of those days – one where I think I experience every single emotion all before 12pm. Joy, pride, excitement, sorrow, understanding, empathy, deep sadness, anger, rage then peace. It was a very busy morning. I felt overwhelmed and thought I was going to spiral into despair at the overload… so I picked up my journal and just did. This is the result. ¬†I wasn’t thinking of the art.. just getting out of my own head.

There will be plenty more where this came from! Take care!

Hearts, hugs and giggles..


A New Chapter for the Artsy Fartsy Club.

736831_419530511462521_1260773719_o (2)

My Artsy Fartsy Club started live over at Craftylink but as I am no longer one of the Design Team over there, we will have to move.¬† At the moment most of the activity for this “club” is happening on my facebook page – although this is a page that started out as a place for people to just pop by and click “like”. I’m not sure if everyone sees the feeds on pages like this, and long term I think we’ll need something more. So what is the Artsy Fartsy Club? Here’s the description for you:

“Please be aware – or BEWARE perhaps – that this group will be a mix of the more serious art, with projects, challenges etc but we will also be quite silly too.
I’m working on some courses that will be made available soon for those of you who want a deeper experience, but I’ll also share when I can. I’m going to be holding a monthly Live show and also watch out for any shows that pop up when I can get here.
Mostly this is all about FUN though – silliness and giving yourself permission to let go.. I’ll show you how. I will often look quite silly – and will get you to do silly things but just remember no one can see you, so it’s just me who will look silly.
I’ll add more to this group when I can but for now put on some silly socks and count yourselves part of this silly club. :D”

We had our first independent live show on Wednesday night and it was really AMAZEBALLS to see everyone! I had lots of fun chatting, laughing and having some playtime, and I know the attendees did too from the feedback I’ve had. To be invited to future shows you will need to come over and follow me at spreecast–41. (and the 41 part is not my age hee hee!). You will also have to say you are attending in the events over at the facebook page otherwise you won’t have access to the show.

All videos, classes, courses etc will be advertised here in the category Tracy’s Artsy Fartsy Club up above and when I’ve set up where these will live I will share details.¬† Anyone who was interested in attending my courses etc will still be able to join and of course new people are welcome.

I have quite firm beliefs about how I want to be as an artist and how I want to share this with others and this is the best way forward for me. I will always stay true to myself and what I believe in. I will be honest if you ask for help with your artwork (and you can do this over at the group),  I will be non-judgemental ALWAYS in every way.
I want to provide fun, interactive shows, that will enhance your well being as well as your creative mind.

The facebook profile account that was shared is my personal one and so you will get all sorts of roller coaster status updates there – do pop over to the page and click like, add it to your news feed and voila!

I’m excited! Are you?

Art Journalling – When is a page complete?

Unlike my written journals, with each entry¬†starting “Wow, has it been that¬†long since my last entry? Doesn’t time fly.. blah blah” and ending “Until next time! T x”, art journal pages have a far less confined beginning and end. A page has a journey as unique as the journey we are recording and this is ONE of the things I love about them.

I am a journal addict. I love notebooks and so end up buying them, making them – very rarely actually filling one but I’m sure I am not alone in this little fetish! I did actually finish a whole notebook last month full of my comedy writing! Yay! So proud! Stand up comedy requires so much writing. Pages and pages and pages of wonderfully therapeutic writing to then mould into something that will hopefully make people laugh and if that fails at least¬†my notebooks get filled. My ambition is complete. I have completed many a journal – eventually over¬†many years, but with blogs, sketchbooks, art journals and life, I’ve ground to a halt with my written journal (I think the posh silky, large, hardback style book had something to do with this too – hardly the sort of thing you can pop in your handbag or take out in Starbucks – although I have… ).

I have a book for doodles, notes, sketches, anything really – in a handy A6¬†book that fits nicely in my bag. I’ve already filled one of these – it became the birthplace of my illustration and art journal style of expression. I also have a hardback sketchbook, and some small blank books I made myself – each for something specific with fewer pages.

I also recently¬†altered¬†a Moleskine¬†sketchbook. This is my actual art journal full¬†of¬†luscious layers, lettering, glitter¬†(got to have some glitter!)¬†and drawing.¬† I started playing with backgrounds, preparing a number of pages with little idea of¬†what I’d do with each. I wanted to have some prepared so that I could then add to them without the need for paints, glue etc. So much fun!! I absolutely loved making a mess on the pages, creating different looks, playing with paper, colour and texture (with a temporary bout of obsessive ¬†marbling..if it was in arms reach it got covered!).

I started completing the pages within, thinking they were finished. WRONG! There was still more to be done! You will know when a page is complete, and at the end of the day there are no mistakes or rules to art journals. Not really.

This¬†week, while suffering with a very “Man Flu” strain of cold, with tissue twisted up each nostril to stop it running all over the place, I got bored and wanted to work on my book. I’ve found that with writing, art and anything really – a bit of space can change perspective and allow us to see things differently. So I added to a few pages I thought were finished and completed a page I had prepared in the studio but hadn’t had the time to work on:¬†¬†Here are three of the pages I’ve worked on – the silver lining of being ill with flu. It’s a real shame the twisted tissue up nostril look isn’t more acceptable in society really. Achew! Achew! Achew! Achew! – sorry, bless me…. time for Lemsip!

Interested in Journalling? Why not join our group over at Crafty Link?

Loving The Thud On The Floor

Since starting the strange and wonderful world of swapping (where you make art, and other mail things then send them to total strangers in the post – wait then recieve lovely post in return, from different total strangers who signed up to the swap – obviously you don’t just wait for the universe to pluck people at random) I have a new found love for the postman! (we won’t be running away or anything – I love my boyfriend way more).

This morning was no exception – today he posted 3 lovely postcards from Amy in California, Susan from OshKosh, Wisconsin, and a secret was sent from Raellyn & Melissa in Kentucky (fancy chicken now..). As well as those I also received a larger envelope, again from Kentucky (mmm really want chicken now) and this was for an Art Swap I did privately (way too complicated to go into the way Swap – Bot works but there are public swaps and you can also do private ones where you choose who you swap with and you get something from the person you send to… ).

This is PURPLE ME by Christina Griffith and I absolutely love it! (I haven’t even started mine but have been inspired and know exactly what I’m going to do now).


So Thank YOU Christina!! (artsyMimi) YOU ROCK!


Getting Distrac….Oh shiny thing…

I have a new addiction, to add to the spending one, the eating one, and the collecting addictions one… I now feel I am quite addicted to swapping and watching videos of people making art. Ok that is two. WATCHING videos of OTHER people making art (crafters porn, really… it is!) only means that I am actually DOING less art.

Perhaps I like that fact? I have mountains of things that I should be doing so perhaps this new obsession¬†is just another way for me to be able to procrastinate. I actually cleaned up my kitchen sink the other day – who knew it was stainless steel??? I got it all shiny again! :p Now if that isn’t a cry of avoidance I don’t know what is but hey – I have a shiny sink again and I half cleaned the floor. I went round the stuff on the floor – it’s not like that is gathering dust.
If there is such a thing I think I have chronic messy disorder. I feel more at ease in a messy home… in a messy studio; until that is I am expecting company. When that happens I see every single bit of fluff, every hair and start counting the flies – and I know there is an unhealthy amount of them in the house. I start to see all the layers of dust – like a scene in a movie when they find an abandoned mansion (which will ultimately end in their doom – the sure sign of this is the amount of dust they see as they run their fingers over the mantlepiece) – we all scream, “GET OUT!!! RUN AWAY!!” and that’s probably the reaction I have when people come round here.
I do try to have a bit of a tidy – I start to sneeze, become all wheezy and get out of breath – and that’s just from digging out the hoover from the clutter under the stairs.. only to find the belt broke in 1983…
So yes I can get a little distracted and often this is just an avoidance issue… It’s hard really because as soon as I miss a deadline my brain just gives up. So annoyed and ashamed that YET AGAIN everything got delayed and left til the last-minute¬†and we missed the deadline that its logical way of dealing with this is to just not bother at all. It’s absurd of course. Surely one day late is better than not at all??? I know that, we know that – but my brain isn’t really on board with that theory and so will busy me with other things like bleaching and scrubbing the tiles – like THAT is ever an urgent job (unless you are my Mum of course).
The other problem with swapping is that I am spending more time making art for total strangers, paying to have them sent away and I’m not doing the work I should be doing – again, a handy avoidance tactic.
Watching other people make art only makes me want to go out and buy all the stuff for that craft and do that – because I get bored VERY easily so always want to try something new. This also then feeds my addiction to spending and hoarding and being surrounded with STUFF even more. My studio is so full with stuff it will probably last me for the rest of my life because I don’t actually make anything – oh no – too busy on the computer watching other people creating and keeping up with everyone’s¬†EVERY THOUGHT PROCESS on facebook….
So – in conclusion to these revelations what will I do differently? Perhaps go on the computer less – which could lead to more housework instead, which to be fair isn’t¬† really a bad thing… (must get that hoover¬†belt). Will I stop going on Facebook? Does it really matter if I don’t read the comments people make every few minutes? Will the world end if I don’t get on there and announce that I have found another grey hair? Will people really miss the photographs of the art that I do or have nervous breakdowns because I didn’t share some random petition to save the earwig from extinction..? NO. I don’t really want to get old and listing all those things I said I would do but never really had the time.. I DO have the time – I just seem to waste it all on Facebook!
The trick will be that I don’t get distracted and decorate a room instead – (oh yes I have done this one… whole room makeover in 38 hours).
So with that I am going to get off of this contraption, take myself to McDonalds¬†and I’m going to write some jokes for my gig – which is TONIGHT! – right after I just check facebook and tell everyone that this blog post is here…. ūüėÄ

A Tribute To a Tiny Angel

I find it hard to think of what it would be like to have lost Jamie when he was born and read stories on facebook from women who have been through just that. I can’t even imagine the pain that they have gone through. I made these booties because I thought that it might be something I would like if I had gone through this.. I wasn’t sure if people would like them or hate them.. so did nothing with them.. Then one of my friends on facebook wrote openly about it being 10 years since her little angel had passed – having only been on this earth for 8weeks.

I messaged her a few days after – asking what she thought of them and she absolutely loved them.. so I sent her one from me as a gift.

“Tracy¬† its a perfect tribute to¬† my¬† Angel. Thank you so much¬† for your kind gesture¬† its really is beautiful ‚ô• xxx It fills me with joy that¬† there are people¬† out there with¬† beautiful¬† hearts¬† like you¬† xxx”

I would like to make these and sell them to raise money for the charity Bliss Рfor babies born too soon, too small, too sick. РIf you would like one let me know. They are £10 each. Pink or blue ribbon with the option of a scroll with their name and date etc. x


Not a Fairytale…

The Sketchbook Project Limited Edition..

A page from this will be published in a book later this year. I created a watercolour out of one of these illustrations¬†for Illustration Friday’s TEACHER: