Reading My Poems

So recently I took a course run by the fabulous SUNDOWN ARTS in Southend, on Performance Poetry. I absolutely loved it! I think the year or so I have been doing stand-up comedy has really helped give me the confidence to get up on stage and perform. It was the suggestion of my partner, Chris, to start adding in my humorous verses into my comedy routine, but I do think they deserve a place of their own. So I’m starting another journey. I really enjoy sharing my poems. And I love that people get to hear them how I want them to be heard in this way.

I am rehearsing for an open mic spot I have next week and so have been recording myself so that I can learn them, work on the actual performance of the poem etc. It’s very different though. I find myself far more self conscious than I would be on stage in front of an audience. It is a great way to learn and improve though.

This one is not one that I’ll be performing BUT I do want to share. It’s by no means how it will end up. When I performed it at the workshop it was far better but this is a recording – you get the general idea, but, like I said, it’s much better live.  This poem came about when someone saw me and Jamie out and about while he was having a meltdown. I give you Autism Mum:


Wordless Wednesday

Jamie's Best friend....

Jamie’s A STAR!

As you’ll know from the last post, Jamie likes to be in front of the camera. I wrote about his video here, over at facebook, in some of the groups I belong to over at facebook and I asked people to watch, share, comment. I also wrote to one of his review idols Pixel Dan and told him all about Jamie. It made my day when he got home from school and he saw just how many views he had (now up to 218!!) and mostly that Pixel Dan had left a comment! I just had to share this moment with you! (I’m not well, house is a mess blah blah – nevermind :D)

Thank you to everyone who made this little boys day. He was a bit distracted by the fact that he thought his package had arrived (ordering things from ebay is always a bit of a nightmare because he can’t deal with waiting). He also didn’t know this was being recorded and there is a difference between when he knows that camera is running, if you’ve seen any of the other videos he has done there you’d have already seen the change. He keeps telling me how he’s now buddies with Pixel Dan and it’s really made his year. I’m sure we’ll have another video of his to share soon!!


The Jamie Shave Show – New Video

My son is a MASSIVE fan of reviewers and collectors of action figures etc, found over at youtube. A long time ago I realised that Jamie had a gift for the camera. I started recording him when he was younger, like so many parents do, but when he realised I was recording he started to change and turn into a presenter. This is when “The Jamie Shave Show” began. It gives him such a boost when the kids at school tell him that they have watched his show, and some of them are just me recording him or him talking to his actual “fans”. He’s now becoming more aware of the number of views and I’m sure Pixel Dan gets them in the thousands… I’d like you to help build my sons confidence by watching this latest episode and perhaps adding a comment in Youtube. You don’t have to watch the whole thing – although he is hilarious so you might want to, but if you don’t have time don’t worry. I’d just like to try to get people to see his show, so he then wants to make more as it does wonders for his self-esteem. He is AWESOME! (does make me chuckle when he says “I am a bit forgetful because I have A.D.H.D. Some of you ladies watching might know what that is”.)

Do watch – I’m so proud and if you can comment and share too that would be AMAZING. THANK YOU! 😀

Wordless Wednesday


Unveiling a new badge: Tracy Shave

Courageous Confessionals


Tracy Shave, the powerhouse behind Giggle Together and author of the blog, Traciness – In all it’s glory, recently contacted me on my Facebook page and informed me she had accepted my challenge and created this wonderful badge.


I think it is beautiful, cute, and creative. It perfectly embodies the beauty that rises from the ashes of destruction and the strength that comes from moving through painful and challenging things in our lives.

I think it only fitting that Tracy herself be the first recipient of this new badge as a recipient of the Courageous Confessional Blog Award. In her own words:

I am Tracy Shave. “Traciness” is a term that has been used in different organisations as they hand work for me to do. It is a technical term commonly used to express a need for something to be brighter, more creative and “in…

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Zinc – My Saving Grace

Here is a link to a piece I wrote about the wonderful Zinc Arts on Dancing Giraffe.