How To Use “Altered Text” in a Journal Page – (or at least how I did it)

Starting... with somebody else's words..

Starting… with somebody else’s words..

Editing videos always seems like such a mammoth task to me, because it’s something I’ve not really done before. I’ve been putting it off and have video footage sitting waiting, but something else always come up.

Well I decided to just go for it and give it a go. I started with the video introducing the Guinea Pigs and then went straight into this one. I LOVED IT!! It’s just like creating another piece of artwork as you play with it, piece it together and mould it just how you like it. I even contacted Trace Bundy and asked if I could use his music in my videos. I didn’t even think he would reply but because this is what I listen to when I paint – I thought it would be nice for you to hear that too. He did reply – and said yes!! I’m off to see him in September LIVE! Can’t wait.

So… getting off the point really (no change there then – oh shiny thing!) here is my first edited art video. I wanted to show you how to use “Altered Text” in a journal page.. Just in case you don’t know “Altered Text” is where you use either a magazine page, page from a book, photocopy of a page etc… and you then find your own statement within that sheet of paper among the words… instead of you cutting out words and sticking them on in the order and sentiment you want – you have to search and let the page speak to you…

I really hope you enjoy it – and that it inspires you to give it a go! Also let me know what you think.. it’s always good to get some feedback – even if it is just a “HIYA!!!!” – otherwise it’s a bit of a lonely place, (and people think I’m strange when I leave the house because I’ve not had any adult interaction for a while… very strange!) ūüėÄ This page was actually started late at night – then I left it and went to bed. I then had one of those days – one where I think I experience every single emotion all before 12pm. Joy, pride, excitement, sorrow, understanding, empathy, deep sadness, anger, rage then peace. It was a very busy morning. I felt overwhelmed and thought I was going to spiral into despair at the overload… so I picked up my journal and just did. This is the result. ¬†I wasn’t thinking of the art.. just getting out of my own head.

There will be plenty more where this came from! Take care!

Hearts, hugs and giggles..


Poorly Girl In Bed

I’m a poorly girl in bed,

Not sure I can use my head,

I’m bored already with nothing to do,

Except for sleep and going to the loo.



In The Hospital Waiting Room

I’m waiting, and waiting but¬†nobody’s¬†come,

I need some pills for my poorly tum.

They’ll be here in a sec I wrongly assume,

Sitting in the hospital waiting room.


The elderly woman, the boy over there,

With nothing to do it’s hard not to stare.

I’ve read all the signs, even picked up Hello,

But I’m fed up of reading about Cheryl Crow.


Two hours have passed and still no sign,

Of a nurse with my pills and I feel less than fine.

So I get off my arse and find me a nurse,

Cos I fear that this pain is getting much worse.


In the hospital waiting room here I am sat,

I’m starting to cry so I feel like a pratt,

and I’m feeling scared and all alone,

I’m also bloody starving and could do with a scone!


A bit of relief comes in the form of a scan,

And I shuffle along like a little old gran.

This is the highlight of a day full of gloom,

Then it’s back to the bloody waiting room.


Eight hours I’ve been here and still no word,

So I go to ask the nurse if she’s heard,

Nothing surgical but I need a bed to stay,

So they can make me wait more? – I say no way.


So off I go home with pain killers galore,

cos theres no way I’m waiting here anymore,

I’ve got to get home to my son instead,

Although I quite like the thought of food served in bed.

The Boy With The Curly Hair

The boy with the curly hair is my son,

his hair is wild and lots of fun,

he makes me laugh without a noise,

his mad curly hair is one of my joys.

Yin and Yang

The universe, Yin and Yang,

it’s all going well then it all goes bang!

Balance they say, with good comes bad,

To realise we’re happy¬†we need¬†the sad.


Heavenly break without any rain,

but now I’m laying here crying with pain.

Doubled over flat out on the floor,

Yin and Yang or bloody sods law?

Only Birdsong

There is certainly something to be said,

for laying on grass, and resting your head,

While all around you is peaceful and still,

catching the breeze with just time to kill.


The breeze on your face,

nothing on your case,

Your head is done with asking why,

Just birdsong and clouds passing by.

In the Lurve Bubble

I’m back in the love bubble, the coma is back,

High on life and we’re back on track.

Away from it all and in our own world,

Precious moments we’re gladly hold.

I may be giddy and starry-eyed,

let’s go back in and stay inside…