How To Use “Altered Text” in a Journal Page – (or at least how I did it)

Starting... with somebody else's words..

Starting… with somebody else’s words..

Editing videos always seems like such a mammoth task to me, because it’s something I’ve not really done before. I’ve been putting it off and have video footage sitting waiting, but something else always come up.

Well I decided to just go for it and give it a go. I started with the video introducing the Guinea Pigs and then went straight into this one. I LOVED IT!! It’s just like creating another piece of artwork as you play with it, piece it together and mould it just how you like it. I even contacted Trace Bundy and asked if I could use his music in my videos. I didn’t even think he would reply but because this is what I listen to when I paint – I thought it would be nice for you to hear that too. He did reply – and said yes!! I’m off to see him in September LIVE! Can’t wait.

So… getting off the point really (no change there then – oh shiny thing!) here is my first edited art video. I wanted to show you how to use “Altered Text” in a journal page.. Just in case you don’t know “Altered Text” is where you use either a magazine page, page from a book, photocopy of a page etc… and you then find your own statement within that sheet of paper among the words… instead of you cutting out words and sticking them on in the order and sentiment you want – you have to search and let the page speak to you…

I really hope you enjoy it – and that it inspires you to give it a go! Also let me know what you think.. it’s always good to get some feedback – even if it is just a “HIYA!!!!” – otherwise it’s a bit of a lonely place, (and people think I’m strange when I leave the house because I’ve not had any adult interaction for a while… very strange!) 😀 This page was actually started late at night – then I left it and went to bed. I then had one of those days – one where I think I experience every single emotion all before 12pm. Joy, pride, excitement, sorrow, understanding, empathy, deep sadness, anger, rage then peace. It was a very busy morning. I felt overwhelmed and thought I was going to spiral into despair at the overload… so I picked up my journal and just did. This is the result.  I wasn’t thinking of the art.. just getting out of my own head.

There will be plenty more where this came from! Take care!

Hearts, hugs and giggles..


Video Blog #1 Moving Day!

I was feeling sorry for myself – moving things back into my studio after having the winter inside because it was too cold in the shed, and I just needed someone to talk to. I was setting up my camera to see how it would work out there and decided to record a video blog:

See you soon!!!
I promise I will do more when I am well! (very frustrated I am still not well but seeing the consultant at the hospital again in a week or so).

Valentine Message Jar

For this weeks live show for Tuesday Schmoozeday over at I decided to make something with a valentine’s day theme; so I made a jar! I love jars. Okay so I have a bit of an obcession with keeping jars (possibly not healthy but hey… I eat Pizza too! :D).  I’m not sure what it is about jars that I love so much but I just hate the idea of throwing them out – “Just in case”. Firstly I use them for keeping water in for my brushes – but I always like unusual shapes and absolutely adore the tiny ones you get with your Tiptree (which is up the road from me) jams at breakfast in hotels (which is what I used in my “Tracy Goes Jar Crazy” show.

So for this week I popped to TKmax to replace a jar that I’d actually bought but had smashed in the garden. Why was it in the garden? Well I’m running out of room to store my jars so I figured I could just put them outside but the snow and cold weather was quite unkind to my jar. 😦 They didn’t have the one I wanted but I found some with a heart on!!! As my show had a valentine theme I just had to get them!

I decided that a message jar might be a fun thing to make. Now these are great for yourself, for a loved one as a present OR you can also make one about a loved one who is no longer with us. I had a centrepiece in the jar of a rose which I made out of Polymer Clay – so during the demo I show how to make that too!

Pop over to the replay to find out how to make them here: and here are some photographs too.

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First Live Demo – CHECK!

So I finally got to do my first ever live demo on yesterday! If you had seen me before you would never have believed that I actually get up on stage as a stand up comic and tell jokes I’ve written about my personal life around London. I was a nervous wreck with the bladder the size of a drunk grandma.

Why was I so nervous? My inner-critic showed an appearance at the last minute telling me I was a fool to think I could do it. That annoying voice told me that what I was about to make was silly, rubbish – that no one would actually think I was an artist…I had no talent etc.. You know the drill. Well I showed that voice. Who cares? I told it. I LOVE creating, it makes me smile, it brings me joy and at the end of the day, if I am having fun then I’m sure someone, somewhere will also have fun watching.

You can see the replay of my first live show here: I had a few technical problems in my studio so had to move it all to my desktop computer at my desk, (at the last minute so I had to quickly make room by scooping everything onto the floor). There is no sound at the start but that get’s sorted out with the help of my lovely Design Team friends and then I shared what I do with little jars.. large jars – it all went a little jar crazy and….. I LOVED IT! 😀

Thank you to and everyone who came to watch – all very very supportive. I can’t wait for my next one which will be on the 4th of December but there are live demos every tuesday.

First Live Demo!!

This Tuesday at 10am Eastern Time, (3pm in the UK) I will be taking part in my first Live Demo on I’m getting very nervous but also excited!! The live demos allow members to sign in, watch what you’re making, ask questions via the chat window and also chat to other people watching too. They are so much fun!

This week I’ll be showing you how to make a mini Thank you Jar for a loved one – a fun alternative to a greeting card. I’ll also show you how to make a prompt jar AND I’ll be setting the first in a series of challenges. The challenges are designed to give further inspiration. Just take on the challenge and add a photograph of what you came up with over at

Can’t wait! Come over to and sign up to the Tuesday Schmoozeday group under Classes and Groups to take part.

Joining the Design Team

As the title would suggest; I have indeed joined the design team at!

If you have ever wanted to talk to other artists and crafters to gain inspiration (and by that I don’t mean just copy someone elses idea), learn new techniques and chat to people from all over the world, well then you will love

There is so much to see at this online community of wonderful people. I particularly enjoy their Tuesday Schmooseday live demos. You can log in and watch one of the team making something pretty cool and there is also a chat window so you can ask the designer questions and chat to other members of the group. It is so much fun!

I have joined the team – hadn’t made a video before but hey – I’m up for new things so gave it a go. So far I’ve made an Introduction to Traciness video plus one more which I’ll post in a different blog post.

To view my very first video click here!